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Welcome to the Amputee Society of Canterbury & Westland website.

Our aims:

    "To support amputees to live a full and active life".

This site has been developed to provide comprehensive information for all amputees on a wide range of topics.

We would love to hear from you!  If you have relevant news or information that we could post here on our website, please contact us.

Mark Bruce

Life Members:

Photo of the Life members          Photo of Rod Boyce     Photo of Liz Rogers
"Raymond Newton 1987 Deceased",  Heather Plows 2008,     Rod Boyce 2013      Liz Rogers 2013
Rachel White 2005,   and "Ray Boundy 1996 Deceased".

Charles Le Cren Date unknown,  "Clarence Barwick 1984 Deceased",  "Betty Goulden 1987 Deceased",  
"Lorraine Wyse Deacesed"   

margaret hunter and Ava Thomas getting their life membership.Certificate

Margaret Hunter 2019    Ava Thomas 2019

Members Page

The   Members Page   is a page for members to post Items for sale, extra equipment that they are not using and may wish to sell, or make available to other members and for any other items of interest. Please email Joanne at   if you wish to post any items on this page.

If you are having problems with the link to send us an email . Please just email the Secretary Eileen Popplewell at the following Email address:

Christchurch limb Centre closure

The Christchurch Limb Centre will be shut down from noon on Tuesday 24th March for at least 4 weeks. for emergency repairs, Please contact Matthias Blatner on 022 5776204

NZALS latest news on covid-19

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